Download Open Office Productivity Suite



  • Available in more than 90 languages
  • Works on many different computer systems both hardware and software
  • Gives you full office resources including database management
  • Stores all your data in a standard format
  • Can read and write Microsoft Office files without having to download extra readers
  • Can be used by anyone for any purpose
  • Complete suite, no need for extra modules and add-ons




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Consider Promotional Products for Your Marketing Tool Kit

australian-promotional-productsPromotional Products are items that can be branded with a business or organisation’s name, logo or message on them. The industry is rapidly growing and has a value of $3.0 billion per annum in Australia. Marketers wanting to brand their organisation, product, or service often use promotional items and gifts.

Even though there are an abundance of other media options are available – internet, Google Adwords, newspaper, radio, and direct mail to name several – however these do not offer the accountability offered by promotional products and corporate gifts. Promotional products work, as not only do they advertise your message but the giving of a gift creates what psychologists and socialogists call reciprocity, a feeling of wanting to return the favour.

Consider the benefits of Promotional Product Marketing outlined below:

Versatility – There are so many applications for promotional products that a listing of them would look like the Sydney telephone directory.

TargetedPromotional Products target the people you are appealing to. No non-prospects, no wasted circulation.

Longevity – A quality promotional product will be around for years and will be used on a daily basis by your client. No other media can use as much exposure.

Cost Flexible – From a few cents to hundreds of dollars promotion products has products to fulfill your particular communication objectives.

Obligation – Good business is based on relationships promotional products to customers strengthens these relationships and creates an obligation towards doing business with you and your organisation.

Functional – The promotional products we offer are useful ensuring that your client will use the gift and be exposed to your message on a daily basis.

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Why Testing Electrical Equipment is important In Any Business

test-and-tagMany of the hidden dangers in the workplace include electrical faults. About 80 percent of all the fire related accidents in the workplace are a result of malfunction in electrical goods. These accidents cause serious injuries every year and have been known to cause loss of life in the worst cases. The good news however, is that most of the accidents that occur in the workplace can easily be avoided.

Employers have an obligation under the law to carry out risk assessment in the workplace and take measures to eliminate or minimise the risks that can cause harm to employees and everyone else in their workplaces.

One of the requirements of the Australian workplace health and safety laws is that employers should conduct routine testing and maintenance of electrical appliances used in the workplace to ensure they that they function properly. Testing and tagging electrical equipment is one of the most effective ways to do this.

Occupational health and safety standard AS/NZS 3760: 2010 requires employers to ensure electrical appliances undergo inspection for faults and testing to determine their safety. Testing and tagging, also known as portable appliance testing or PAT involves among others, inspection to check for damage, resistance and insulation.

The inspection also requires testing the wiring’s polarity and measuring earth continuity. Only qualified people should perform this testing.

If you are an employer in Brisbane, ensuring the safety of your business premises should be a priority not just for compliance with the law, but because it is the right thing to do. Test and tag Brisbane is good for your business too.

Business owners who adopt safety practices at their workplace have the advantage of paying low insurance premiums due to the lowered risk of accidents. Insurance providers consider those businesses that experience many accidents because of lack of non-compliance to safety guidelines as risky and charge them high insurance premiums. In some serious cases, the insurance companies may decline to provide coverage to such businesses. Additionally, you avoid expensive legal suits filed against you by victims of accidents at your business premises.

Employees are an important asset in any business. An employer who recognises this knows that employees who work in a safe environment are more productive, which translates to a successful business. Test and tag Brisbane protects not only employees but also clients who visit the premises and other third parties from harm, thus lowering your liability. When you are actively involved in foreseeing injury dangers and carrying out regular testing and maintenance, you save your business money in the long term.

Well-maintained equipment functions better and for a longer time. In addition, you risk paying large fines when you fail to comply with the occupational health and safety standards. Business owners who are found guilty of non-compliance face fines of over $20,000 or imprisonment. The punishment may vary in different regions, depending on the seriousness of the offence.

Your business stands to gain more when you ensure that everyone using your business premises is safe. Test and tag Brisbane is therefore an important part of any successful business in Brisbane.