Download Open Office Productivity Suite



  • Available in more than 90 languages
  • Works on many different computer systems both hardware and software
  • Gives you full office resources including database management
  • Stores all your data in a standard format
  • Can read and write Microsoft Office files without having to download extra readers
  • Can be used by anyone for any purpose
  • Complete suite, no need for extra modules and add-ons




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Space and De-Cluttering

The most obvious problems that people experience with smaller spaces are to do with not having enough places to put things. If you are living in a flat until you can afford something bigger, or downsizing to a smaller home after the family has flown the coop, it’s worth taking time to have a thorough clearing out. Keep only what you really need or love.

Depending on your situation, you may find that your present circumstances make an entire category of possessions redundant. If you don’t have a garden now, for example, you will not need much in the way of gardening equipment.

Dispose of anything that is broken or past its sell-by date. This applies as much to basic items as it does to equipment and books, etc.

Get rid of any belongings that you don’t like. Be ruthless and consider this a positive action -guilt and other misplaced feelings can stand in the way of letting things go.

Dispose of things you do not have any use for any longer, like sports or leisure equipment used for an activity that you no longer pursue.

Is your wardrobe bulging? Many people only wear about 20 per cent of the clothes they have. Reduce your wardrobe to the clothes you actually wear on a regular basis.

Get rid of duplicate items.
Review all paperwork and get rid of any documents, old bills and instruction manuals that are not current.

Make More Space
Converting an attic into a habitable room is a great way of increasing your floor area.
Head height is an important consideration -at least half the converted space should have a height of 2.3m. At least one window should also be installed, preferably one that opens. Options also include skylights that sit flush with the roof, or dormers that project out.

If you will be using the space on a daily basis, you may want a permanent stairway of some type.
Structural work may also be required, such as doubling floor joists to strengthen them, plus a number of rules apply regarding fire regulations and means of access. You may also require planning permission, particularly if you will be altering the external appearance of your house from the street.

Basement conversions are increasingly popular, however, they can be expensive and disruptive to carry out, and much depends on existing ground conditions. If you have a full or semi-basement, it is less problematic to devote the entire area to storage rather than living, provided it is not damp or at risk of flooding. It is definitely wise to pack items away in waterproof, rigid, containers with lids. Be sure to label and keep a record of what you have stored there.

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Social media marketing is more than just a Twitter Account

Social media marketing is a new way of reaching out to old customers, building business relationships and winning new business. The approach has come in handy for home-based small businesses and start-ups whose owners have no office equipment other than a laptop.

Inadequate experience and weak financial muscle to hire marketers among business start-ups has added to the rising popularity of social media marketing. Business websites and social media including facebook, twitter and blogs are some of the channels that young entrepreneurs are embracing in marketing their products.

Social media marketing is the process of marketing through social media sites like twitter, facebook and youtube.

Social media marketing is dissipating as many ceo’s and senior management have started to embrace the power of the social networks. Google+ launched and reaches a user base of over 50 million by the end of 2011.

Social media marketing is a great way to drive repeat business and attract new customers.

Social media marketing is the practice of using social media networks and user-generated content platforms to promote a business, product or service. Social media marketing typically involves participating in conversations with a key audience instead of blatantly throwing out a sales pitch to a large number of people. Social media marketing also includes creating and promoting content that is meant to be shared by users.

The viral and personal nature of social media makes it an effective channel for product advertising, reputation management or corporate branding.

Social media marketing is becoming more and more challenging, based on the complexities involved with the tools, platforms, content, resources, and management involved.

Social media marketing is the biggest thing to happen to the world of business communications since televisions arrived in every home. The increasing popularity of social networking sites has provided an effective way for businesses to communicate directly with existing and potential customers all around the world, and companies both big and small are taking

Facebook is now officially the most often visited website in the world. With this in mind there is no way that this phenomenon, and other sites like it, can be ignored by businesses. By not having a business presence in these areas it means that you could be missing out on lots of highly-targeted, potential customers.